Biome In a Box Activity:

As a closing activity to our Biome Unit, you and your team will choose to focus on one of the seven major biomes found in the world. Think about everything that you have learned about the different Biomes when deciding on which to choose. 

Your objective is to construct a 3-dimensional representation of your biome. From looking at your Biome, the following features should be shown in some way in order to receive full credit:

1) Plants
2) Animals
3) Physical Features
4) Location
5) Weather and climate

The inside walls of the biome box should be decorated (painted, collaged with photos, etc.).
Taped onto one side of the box should be a written description of all of the characteristics of the biome. 
Taped on to the other side of the box should be a world map indicating (by color, outline, etc.) the location of this biome.